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ProtoMed (Pvt) Ltd based in Sri Lanka and ProtoMed Singapore Pte Ltd based in Singapore were founded in early 2019 in view of the potential of using PEEK material to produce medically approved PEEK implants.
The strategic partnership of both companies is to leverage Singapore’s reputation as ASIA’s medical hub which will act as the springboard to market the technology to the international market while Sri Lanka with the collaboration with government and local hospitals support will be used as the based to conduct initial medical trials with local eligible patients to validate the health safety of using PEEK implants.

Till date, more than 100 Sri Lankan citizens have benefitted from PEEK implants produced by ProtoMed with no side effects with its Cranial, Maxillofacial and Spinal implants. With the new addition of Orthopedic implants, ProtoMed expects to extend its support for patients who suffer from traumatic injuries and congenital disorders.
Implants manufactured by ProtoMed are all customized based on individual patients’ unique structures. This means that the implants are specifically designed and manufactured for each customer in order to assure the best fit. In addition to the fact that it provides the best aesthetic appearance, it also has the advantage of being able to replace the original bone for faster recovery.

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