Welcome to ProtoMed

Welcome to Protomed, Sri Lanka’s pioneering force in the realm of surgical implantable devices. As the nation’s first and only manufacturer, Protomed stands at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to advancing healthcare through the production of high-quality and cutting-edge surgical implants.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to meet all the requirements, needs,and expectations of our customers and employees.The goal is to establish and maintain trust with our partners that our products will be the best choice they make.Our mission is to master new technologies and improve the quality of life with our products.

Solutions We Have

Cranioplasty Products

Our Cranioplasty service involves the design and production of patient-specific PEEK implants to address cranial defects. We prioritize accuracy and aesthetics to enhance patient outcomes.

Spinal Products

In the realm of spinal interventions, our Spinal services provide customized PEEK implants, contributing to improved surgical precision and patient comfort. Explore our innovative solutions for spinal applications.

Maxillofacial Products

Addressing complex maxillofacial conditions, our Maxillofacial services offer tailored PEEK implants for optimal functional and cosmetic results. Discover how our solutions are reshaping patient care.

Surgical Guides

Our Surgical Guides service utilizes advanced technology to create precise guides, ensuring accurate placement of patient-specific PEEK implants during surgeries. Learn more about how our guides enhance surgical outcomes.

Solutions We Have

Build a Perfect Solution with Us

Build a Perfect Solution with Us

Build a Perfect Solution with Us